Recycled Paper

Sustainability… by Design

Sustainability has become a hot topic and buzzword throughout today’s global marketplace. At Southeastern Paperboard we do much more than pay this concept the requisite lip service, we incorporate recycling and reclamation into our business model and have since our beginnings more than 30 years ago.

Southeastern Paperboard’s recycling division processes approximately 4,000 tons of recovered paper per month. Recovered paper comes to our facilities by truck, rail car and compactor from our customers, converting plants, mills and other companies.

And because we have our own trucking company, we can load our clients’ waste paper to bring back to the recycling facility for processing when we deliver new product, creating a sustainable rotation.

We can even leave trailers at our clients’ locations to fill with recovered material as to not take up valuable floor space. Regardless of how it arrives, by the time we ship out the reclaimed bales by truck, railcar or container for export, the end result is perfection. Reclaimed, recycled and ready for use. The grades of recycled product we offer includes:


We offer high grades of pulp substitute bales weighing more than 1 ton each, such as:

  • SBS Bales
  • UNC Bales
  • Polycoated Bales
  • Kraft Liner Bales

We also produce:

  • OCC Bales
  • DLK Bales
  • Mixed-Paper Bales


Southeastern Paperboard is one of the largest purchasers of mill direct, odd lot and job lot rolls. The grades of paper rolls we offer include:

  • Polycoated MC, SBS and CUP
  • C1S SBS
  • Kraft Linerboard
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