Food Packaging

At Southeastern Paperboard, we understand the unique challenges and complexities food packagers face. And while we offer a selection of universal paperboard products for the food industry, our team and facilities are at the ready to create custom solutions based on our clients’ needs.

We have also instituted Current Good Manufacturer Procedures (CGMP) to ensure that our operations are compliant with recognized food safety organizations such as NSF International and Cook & Thurber, among others. We regularly receive Food Safety Audits by third-party organizations to ensure we are Food Defense Compliant and we meet the highest standards.

In addition, we provide a wide choice of functional and decorative coatings for various packaging and protective needs. Each coating is designed for optimum results depending on the need. From ovenable and grease resistant coatings to water resistant and release coatings, we can cut, coat and convert your order all in one facility.