Nowhere is our customer commitment and attitude more transparently witnessed than throughout Southeastern Paperboard’s wholly owned trucking subsidiary of Paper Logistics, Inc. We currently maintain a fleet of more than 20 trucks, traveling over 2.5 million miles each year, to better serve the delivery and pick-up needs of our clients.

Paper Logistics encompasses a service area as far west as the Texas/New Mexico border, north to North Dakota and east to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to transporting paperboard products to our customers, we also pick up recyclable products from our customers and vendors. And while we transport other products to minimize dead head miles, Paper Logistics does not carry any type hazardous materials.

We take pride in our fleet and each vehicle is inspected by maintenance personnel upon departure and return of each trip. Safety meetings are conducted every month by the Dispatch and Safety Manager. Safety bonuses are paid quarterly to drivers who achieve unblemished performance. Managers and drivers are acutely aware of safety ratings and adhere to guidelines established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).