Why Choose Us?


It seems just about every conversation about Southeastern Paperboard begins and ends with our customers. The products we produce and the services we provide are all tailored to meet the needs of our individual clients. Need a new coating? Done. Need us to manage your inventory? Done. Have specific delivery instruction? We’ve got you covered. Need to alter those delivery instructions? No problem. Our job is to make your job easier – any way we can. And while we are very responsive to our customers’ needs and requests, we are also very pro-active in discovering and suggesting ways to make things better.

While each customer is unique, there are some factors that are consistent throughout our process.

Strive for Excellence

 Our dedicated and committed staff members are inspired both internally and through training to get every job right. There is no category for “good enough.” It’s either right and it’s shipped, or it’s wrong and it’s corrected before shipping. For us, there is no other way.

Pro-active Communication

Our customer service team gets to know your company’s needs inside and out. That way, they can keep you up to date and informed about order status, inventory levels and new opportunities.

Strict Procedures

We recognize that you need your orders to be accurate and delivered on time 100% of the time. Anything less ignites a series of costly consequences. That’s why we have strict procedures in place to ensure your orders are accurate and on time 100% of the time.

Quick Responses

Have a change to your order? Your timeline? Your delivery? Our integrated team approach to serving your needs means we can adapt quickly to new requests and keep you informed of our progress throughout the entire process.

When all is said and done, what we offer better than anyone else is confidence. Confidence in our team. Confidence in our product. Confidence that your order will be right and it will be delivered on time. The confidence our customers have in us is ignited by the confidence we have in ourselves. We get it. And we get it done right.